God's Precious Children

Children are incredibly important at Country Chapel! We offer a nursery for infants and toddlers, Children's Worship for children ages 4 - 8, Middle Sunday School for ages 9 -13, and youth group for 14 and up.  Children join us for the opening worship songs and Kids' message and then move to the classrooms for a time of learning, fun and friendship.

Nursery (infants-4 yrs)
Our infant and toddler nursery gives young children the chance to experience God's world through age-appropriate play and to experience God's love through their interactions with caregivers, music, and books.  We offer a beeper system so that parents can be easily notified if their child is in need of them.  We hope this will bless parents to be able to worship without worry.

Kids (Children's Worship, 4-8 years)
The Children's Worship program provides children with a worship experience that helps them to encounter God through storytelling using multi-sensory materials and to respond to God through stories, art, music, play and just interacting.  


Tweens (Middle Sunday School, 9-13 years) 

Our Elementary Sunday School meets each Sunday. The young people are so special and impressionable. They have a time of sharing, prayer, and growing in their faith. There are games and/or craft to make the morning fun and complete. We want them to learn that God will guide them as they grow and learn, prayer will be the answer when they have a question, and most of all, how loved they are by God and Country Chapel.   


Teens (Youth Sunday School, 14 years and up)
Our Youth meet every Sunday in their Room with Tom & Kathy Johnson. Each Sunday The word of God is brought into focus in a creative thought provoking way by our instructors. There is not only a focus on scripture, but learning to understand what it means. We strive to help the teens learn how to live a Christian based life, using God to guide them in the choices they are faced with making. We encourage them to share their faith with their family and friends at school.


'CSI' - Christians Seeking Instruction (Youth Fun)

Each Sunday evening is Youth Group time! Kathy and Tom lead this time for the youth with Worship Leaders Corinne & Jason Govert... Pastor and Renee are usually there also!

Each month there is a special event planned as fun time for the youth. It might be bowling, a game day, a movie day! This group has as much to teach us about God as we teach them. They have so much to offer in how they see and feel the presence of Christ in their lives. We meet every Sunday Night from 4:30-7 pm for dinner, fun and fellowship with the youth!



                                        WE NEED YOUR  HELP

Country Chapel Church is taking on an amazing mission/outreach project.  We are building a multi generational, inclusive and accessible playground that will be open to EVERYONE!  Country chapel is passionate about kids and physically challenged people of all ages.  we feel called to be a place where ALL feel welcome!


The playground is a BIG project with a BIG price tag.  we have chosen Game Time Equipment  which is well known in the parks and recreation and commercial field.  the total cost for the equipment with freight is $128,000.  We have a Game Time Grant to help cover some of the equipment (without shipping).  we raised $22,000 which allowed us to purchase the first phase of the playground .  There is NOTHING like this playground near Dowling.  The playground is designed so that handicapped accessible ramps will be added during additional phases.   


PLEASE consider a donation to help us add onto what we envision to be a fully handicapped accessible destination playground  that will be open to everyone.  We continue to write grants and hold fund raisers to help fund this AMAZING playground!!  PLEASE talk to your friends, neighbors, and business owners.  Share this infomation and pray.  It will ALL help!!  Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!!

Get ready kids.....  your playground IS COMING!!