Many believers tend to think that Christianity is all about not sinning and acting as perfect as possible in order to dodge God’s judgement and wrath. Others tend to try to follow God and Jesus in the hopes of getting “stuff” (aka blessings) in exchange for their good behavior.

But when we look at the teachings of Jesus Christ, we realize neither of those are the truth at all! Too many overlook the fact that the entirety of the Christian life revolves around our relationship with God. How well do you know God? When was the last time you talked to Him in prayer? Took a walk with Him while meditating on his Word? Shared your worries and fears and thanks with Him or took the time to really listen to His still, small voice?

Eternal life isn’t about getting to heaven. It’s instead grounded on understanding who God is in this life and developing an intimate, evolving connection with the divine through Christ. Through this powerful 6-week series, your community will rediscover the true focus of the Christian faith—to restore ourselves to God and nurture a growing relationship with Him—while learning to better hear His Word, serve His people, walk in His will, and share His Gospel. Prepare to guide your congregation into a deeper truth of who their Lord and Savior is and how He wants to relate to them. 

Summer is gone!  New Prayer Trail is done, Phase 1 of our new Community Playground Project is ordered!  We still need your help with Phase 2!  Call the office with questions and ask for Becky!



This is a video of one of the pieces of equipment we want to install..  Notice the ages of the people using it.  our goal is to build a playground that will be a blessing to our church and the community.  it's within our reach!!  we are actively writing grants and seeking funding.  please talk to your friends and neighbors and ask them to help support this very worthwhile project!!!  our goal is to install at least some play equipment and a trail this summer.  thank you and god bless you!!

                          UPDATE ANSWERED PRAYERS!!

Country Chapel was just awarded a matching grant from game time equipment!!!  This is a 100 percent matching grant with a $45,000 expenditure on game time equipment by country chapel.  we need your help raising the matching money for this grant. this will be phase one of an amazing playground.   Come to  our fall festival October 19 (details to follow),  make a donation, come be a part of our growing family!! this new playground will soon be a reality!!  it will be accessible, multi-generational inclusive and open to everyone!!  all are welcome at country chapel where christ and community are one!!  We are saving a place for you!!

9:00am Adult Sunday School

10:00am Worship + Children's Worship, Nursery,

Middle Sunday School and Youth Sunday School 

11:00am Food & Fellowship

4:30 - 7pm 'CSI' (Christians Seeking Instruction, Youth Group Fun)

Every Wednesday Prayer Mtg- 'Prayer Warriors' 7pm

We are always excited to see new folks at Country Chapel!  We are a growing family and maybe this is the right time to come and see what joy and unconditional love is really like.  We are NOT a place filled with 'perfect' people but we ARE a family of believing friends that feel Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!   -Pastor Rick

Country Chapel Food Pantry 

 Through your gifts and donations, Country Chapel offers food to those who are in need. We offer meats, canned goods, household supplies as available, and many other items so that your families, friends or neighbors don't go without. For food assistance through our food pantry, contact Barry County Cares at 269-948-9555.

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