Lay down your hurt, lay down your heart, Come as You Are

9:00am Adult Sunday School

10:00am Worship + Children's Worship, Nursery,

Middle Sunday School and Youth Sunday School 

11:00am Food & Fellowship

5 - 7pm 'CSI' (Christians Seeking Instruction, Youth Group Fun)

Every Wednesday Prayer Mtg- 'Prayer Warriors' 7pm

Come as you are! For the next six weeks, we will be diving into the foundational truths of what makes us Believers, or not. These questions: 

            1. Is God real? 

            2. Is the Bible True?

            3. Do All roads lead to Heaven?

            4. How can a good God allow suffering?

            5. Evolution or Creation?

            6. What happens when I die?

We are always excited to see new folks at Country Chapel!  We are a growing family and maybe this is the right time to come and see what joy and unconditional love is really like.  We are NOT a place filled with 'perfect' people but we ARE a family of believing friends that feel Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!   -Pastor Rick

Country Chapel Food Pantry 

 Through your gifts and donations, Country Chapel offers food to those who are in need. We offer meats, canned goods, household supplies as available, and many other items so that your families, friends or neighbors don't go without. For food assistance through our food pantry, contact Barry County Cares at 269-948-9555.

Today's  Devotion

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Start your day by spending a couple of minutes talking to God.
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How the Lord’s Prayer can help us pray ()
Jesus taught his disciples a simple prayer that you can use every day.
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