The Path of life is filled with many twists and turns, it is not an easy course to navigate on our own. This is exactly why God has not left us alone to figure it out. Instead, He has provided us with the perfect wisdom we need for the journey ahead through the infallible Word of God. In this series, we get incredible insight into the principles that will keep our head, our heart, and our life on the right track. Using the book of Proverbs, The One Path sermon series encourages us to remember that it is not enough to have good intentions alone, but that wisdom counsels us to take action steps in our lives that will bring those intentions and desires to fruition. As you journey through this series with your congregation, together you will learn that all of us have wandered from The One Path in one way or another and that course corrections and heart corrections are an essential part of what it means to lead a wise life.


As we run into potholes that overwhelm us and fill us with uncertainty, we learn that the wise heart seeks counsel from other mature believers instead of trying to navigate The Path on their own. From the counsel of Scripture, we are reminded to fully lean on the wisdom of God, and not on our own limited understanding. By looking with fresh eyes at the Cross of Jesus Christ, we are reminded that even in the darkest hour, God is ruling in perfect wisdom over every detail of our lives. This series is sure to be a tremendous blessing to your church body because it touches on the very foundation stones of what it means to walk the road of life with godly wisdom.  Jesus really is 'The Way, The Truth, & The Life' !

Growing The Kingdom through Faith

We continue into this exciting New Year with great expectations for what God is doing at Country Chapel. In a year that has a lot of questions for where the United Methodist Church is going. We are standing firm on what God is already doing and where He is taking us! The promise of touching our neighbors in a real way, just to say Hi... then,  the prospect of an accessible/ all inclusive playground, in our own back yard!  The plans for a new Hospitality Center (kitchen) are moving forward too! Come join Us!



9:00am Adult Sunday School

10:00am Worship + Children's Worship, Nursery,

Middle Sunday School and Youth Sunday School 

11:00am Food & Fellowship

4:30 - 7pm 'CSI' (Christians Seeking Instruction, Youth Group Fun)

Every Wednesday Prayer Mtg- 'Prayer Warriors' 7pm

We are always excited to see new folks at Country Chapel!  We are a growing family and maybe this is the right time to come and see what joy and unconditional love is really like.  We are NOT a place filled with 'perfect' people but we ARE a family of believing friends that feel Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!   -Pastor Rick

Country Chapel Food Pantry 

 Through your gifts and donations, Country Chapel offers food to those who are in need. We offer meats, canned goods, household supplies as available, and many other items so that your families, friends or neighbors don't go without. For food assistance through our food pantry, contact Barry County Cares at 269-948-9555.

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