End Times Series Ahead!

The end of the world, in one way or another…is on your mind. We watch movies about it, we read books about it, we watch TV shows about it, we’re well aware of the interest involving the Mayan calender and the year 2012. There is NOTHING to the Mayan theory, an asteroid is NOT going to end human civilization. Nuclear was is NOT going to end humanity. It only makes a good story.

Scare tactics? Friends, it is the way God painted the picture. It’s unsettling. Yet the study of the end times (eschatology) is probably one major theme in the Bible you most want to hear about. It fascinates us. It frightens us. It draws us closer to trusting the Lord. It ties the entire Bible together: the story of perfection, sin, loss, redemption, salvation and judgment into a perfect painting by the Creator. God Himself.

The Bible ends with GRAVE implications. The greatest book EVER written, ends with the most frightening chapter we can possible imaging... The end of the world, authored by God Himself.        Come be with us as we learn about the scary and the reasons for hope and excitement...

Spring has sprung!  We made it!  Now, what can we do together? We are going to be cleaning up around the church, cleaning some people's yards, bringing in a bunch of friends and neighbors as new members, and finding ways to boldly be the hands & feet of Christ!

Lay down your hurt, lay down your heart, Come as You Are

9:00am Adult Sunday School

10:00am Worship + Children's Worship, Nursery,

Middle Sunday School and Youth Sunday School 

11:00am Food & Fellowship

4:30 - 7pm 'CSI' (Christians Seeking Instruction, Youth Group Fun)

Every Wednesday Prayer Mtg- 'Prayer Warriors' 7pm

We are always excited to see new folks at Country Chapel!  We are a growing family and maybe this is the right time to come and see what joy and unconditional love is really like.  We are NOT a place filled with 'perfect' people but we ARE a family of believing friends that feel Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!   -Pastor Rick

Country Chapel Food Pantry 

 Through your gifts and donations, Country Chapel offers food to those who are in need. We offer meats, canned goods, household supplies as available, and many other items so that your families, friends or neighbors don't go without. For food assistance through our food pantry, contact Barry County Cares at 269-948-9555.

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